Enjoy Nature in Spring at Hollengold Farm: Morels, Ramps, & Spring Ephemerals

Wednesday, May 10, 10am – 4pmEST


Instructors: Draw Botanical Instructors

Level: All levels

Botanical Subject(s): Foraged mushrooms such as morels (if we are lucky enough to find them!), ramps, spring ephemerals (wildflowers growing in the woods)


Workshop Description

Explore outdoors at Hollengold Farm, where the garden is at your fingertips and the woods are close by. What natural subject first captures your attention? A delicate spring wildflower? Or perhaps one of many foraged, edible plants, such as ramps and morels? Study what most intrigues you. Sketch casual plant portraits in your nature journal, and be sure to write down any field notes and observations.


We will draw out in the field if possible, so as not to disturb nature, but if you need more time to get to know your new plant friend, we will sustainably harvest a few choice subjects to bring back to our drawing tables in the open, solar-powered pavilion. (If we are lucky, we may even get to cook a few!)

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