Hollengold Farm Botanical Drawing Workshop September 2022

September 9-11, 2022

Friday – Sunday 10am-4pm EST
Bring your own lunch
Attend Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!

Classes are held at:
Hollengold Farm
222 Lower Whitfield Rd
Accord, NY 12404

Level: Advanced

Instructors: Wendy

Advance your skills and join in the fun for three days of botanical drawing while gaining a deeper understanding of plants. (If you’d like to come for just 1 or 2 days, please contact us.) At Hollengold Farm, get close to the Earth to observe nature. With colored pencil and watercolor pencil, create drawings of the dahlias in all stages and other amazing late summer bounty growing in the grounds at Wendy’s farm in Accord, NY.

As part of this workshop, we will practice creating botanical art as a relaxing and meditative drawing practice. We will work on repetitive slow toning, creating 9 values from light to dark to describe highlights, midtones, and shadows. Participants will work in colored pencil and watercolor to explore creating a daily, relaxing drawing practice and at the same time getting familiar with this technique of using colored pencils and watercolor.

This workshop will be held entirely in the solar pavilion, which is a covered outdoor space with a pleasant breeze in hot weather, and could be chilly in cooler weather. Please bring your own lunch and snacks.

This is a very unique opportunity to draw in-person with artist & instructor Wendy Hollender. Learn Wendy’s “Grisaille” undertone technique with a top layer of color creates illuminated realistic plant portraits. This satisfying technique requires simple tools which allows artists to wander around the farm yard and explore the fields ‘capturing’ found subjects. The flora and fauna continually change with the seasons, weather and conditions. For advanced artists, techniques such as watercolor and embossing will be practiced.

Our Drawing Workshops are designed to fit the needs of students of all levels. Workshops are a great way for beginners to receive lots of one-on-one instruction and feedback in a supportive environment. We recommend attending for as many days as possible; the more you immerse yourself, the deeper the learning experience. For the more experienced artist, workshops are a way to make time to focus, continue to advance your skills, and create more-detailed work.

Prerequisites are not required for this workshop, but if you want to gain confidence and build some foundational skills before attending, we recommend completing the Botanical Basics online program.

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