Tulips at Hollengold Farm: Mothers’ Day Weekend Spring Flowers Celebration

Thursday, May 11 – Sunday, May 14, 10am-4pmEST

Instructors: Draw Botanical Instructors

Level: All levels

Botanical Subject(s): Tulips of many varieties including Parrot Tulips, unusual varieties, and classic tulips


Workshop Description

Tulips are one of our favorite flowers to draw because their basic cup shape makes them approachable for beginners, while their delicate, rolling petals add a fun challenge for artists of all skill levels.

After traveling abroad last year, Wendy arrived home with a plan: plant tulips from the Netherlands on her farm in New York, and hold a spring drawing workshop. A few months ago, Wendy and helpers planted 300+ various tulip bulbs that were sourced in the Netherlands, including many varieties of parrot tulips, unusual varieties of tulips, as well as classic tulips, all of which will be available to use as inspiration.

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