Zoom Workshop 65: Trees in Winter: Habit Drawings in Graphite

Sunday, March 6: 3pm – 7pm EST

Thursday, March 10: 4pm – 6pm EST

Description: Graphite habit drawings (views of an entire plant in its natural habitat and growth pattern) can make excellent, rich, additions to your botanical compositions. In this workshop, we pay homage to the bare, winter tree. Learn to observe the growth of trees and draw them in graphite. 

To inspire you, here is a favorite quote about winter trees:

“In winter, we are prone to regard our trees as cold, bare, and dreary; and we bid them wait until they are again clothed in verdure before we may accord to them comradeship. However, it is during this winter resting time that the tree stands revealed to the uttermost, ready to give its most intimate confidences to those who love it. It is indeed a superficial acquaintance that depends upon the garb worn for half the year; and to those who know them, the trees display even more individuality in the winter than in the summer.” – Anna Botsford Comstock (September 1, 1854–August 24, 1930)

Instructors: Vern & Sam

Level: All levels