Zoom Workshop 80: The Illusion of 3D Form: The Magic of Light Source, Highlights, & Shadows

Sunday, January 8: 3pm – 7pm EST

Thursday, January 12: 4pm – 6pm EST


Instructors: Pam & Sam

Level: Beginner/All levels

Botanical Subject(s): Pears

Workshop Description: In the darkest months of the year, bring the magic of light into your artwork! Create the illusion of 3-dimensional form on a 2-dimensional surface with realistic highlights and shadows that provide beauty and depth to our drawings. We will study the way geometric shapes look when they are lit with proper lighting, and how to transfer that knowledge to forms we find in nature. Understanding light-source is essential for creating 3D form, making this workshop important for beginners. Artists with more experience will hone their skills, as we explore light-source in a focused and in-depth way.