Zoom Workshop 83: Twists, Rolls, & Folds

Sunday, April 23: 3pm – 7pm EST

Thursday, April 27: 4pm – 6pm EST


Instructors: Pam & Sam
Level: All levels
Practice Subject(s): Please bring some solid (no patterns) opaque (not see-through) ribbons. Ribbons that have wire in them work best.
Botanical Subject(s): Botanical subjects that twist and curl, such as strappy leaves (from bulbs, alliums, lilies, grasses), twisting and curling vines, curling citrus peel, etc.

Workshop Description: From twisting vines and curling citrus peels to strappy leaves from alliums and grasses, nature is full of many kinds of twists, folds, and rolls – none of which are easy to draw! First, we will practice how to draw these forms realistically, where to darken our deepest shadows, and what to leave white for our brightest highlights. Then, we will use that knowledge to help us draw our natural subjects. Bring any natural curling, twisting, or folding subjects (and a smile!) to class and we will draw together.