Zoom Workshop: Draw Peaches and Pears – SOLD OUT

Instructors: Vern and Sam


Cost: $75

Recommended subject: peaches or pears

Join us for a live online workshop! We’ll celebrate the fruit harvest this weekend and draw peaches and pears. You can bring any type of tree fruit to this workshop. We’ll work on a single fruit, as well as lay out a complex composition with stem, leaves, and cut fruit. If you can, try to source a fruit with stem and leaves attached. We will follow along with the lessons in the new book, The Joy of Botanical Drawing.


THIS WORKSHOP IS TWO SESSIONS LONG. Please attend BOTH sessions! (if you are unable to attend, recordings will be provided)

FRIDAY, AUG 14:  12:30pm – 3:30pm EST (lessons, Q&A)


SUNDAY, AUG 16: 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST (critique)