Zoom Workshop: Florist Finds II

Friday March 19: 5pm – 8pm EST

Sunday March 21: 5pm – 7pm EST

Instructors: Wendy & Sam

Cost: $75

Botanical Subject: Spider Chrysanthemum, Carnation, or other multi-petaled composite flowers 

Workshop Description: In winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it can be difficult to find flowers to draw. For that reason, we’ve created a new set of workshops called “Florist Finds.” For these workshops, we encourage you to call or visit your local florist, or consider ordering some flowers from an online delivery service. If you are in a region where flowers are readily available, consider choosing a subject that has a similar structure to the ones we recommend. 

In this workshop, we will study composite flowers like chrysanthemum and carnation. The lyrical quality and movement of the petals in a spider chrysanthemum for example is exciting to draw, as well as the leaves and stems of carnations. Both of these make for beautiful, flowing compositions.

You may choose to work on white or Kraft paper.

Our workshops include a set of pre-recorded videos for you to watch as you prepare for class, as well as recordings of each workshop session, delivered via email. We encourage collaboration and community, and we strive to create a safe virtual environment for everyone to draw together. We provide live demonstrations on the first day of a workshop and constructive critique of your work on the second day. ALL of the registration and video material for this workshop is delivered to you via email. Please be sure to add info@drawbotanical.com to your email contacts so that you do not miss correspondence from us! 

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