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A Sketchbook of the Seasons. For a one-time fee of $75, get lifetime access to the Sketchbook of the Seasons Lessons.

This year-long Challenge prompts students to track a tree or woody shrub of their choice through all its stages for a year. The final product will be a “Sketchbook of the Seasons,” with color and tonal drawings, herbarium components, and journal documentation from one or two trees and or woody shrubs as they change with the seasons.

As 2018 progresses, more seasonal content will be added as follows:
May 2018: Spring video and PDF added
July 2018: Summer video and PDF added
October 2018: Fall video and PDF added

This Lesson is taken from the larger course, The Practice of Botanical Drawing. For access to more Lessons, subscribe to The Practice of Botanical Drawing Course.



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