Draw Botanical is a community built on sharing a love of creating botanical art. We teach students at all levels of experience from beginner to advanced to help them draw regularly in manageable chunks of time. Our program combines extensive step-by-step videos, PDFs, livestreams, and community participation and feedback. Join us and be rewarded with an experience unlike any other; for if you slow down and practice these techniques, not only will you learn to draw, but you will experience a close and personal relationship with the cycle of life, exploring plants and flowers on a micro level, almost the way an insect does.

Our Mission

We teach confident self-expression through botanical art.

Here’s How We Do It!

Create and build a community of students around the world, at all skill levels, with a life-changing experience that will foster the art of slowing down to observe and capture the natural world through an ongoing botanical drawing practice, and facilitate growth in the level of skill and the quality of our students’ work.

Botanical Drawing Education

As far as we can tell, the act of botanical drawing is enriching for everyone who tries it. You may find that slowing down your mind to attune to the exquisite beauty of nature can have healing properties. Some people compare it to falling in love. We believe that everyone can benefit from a little botanical drawing, and so we make it our job to teach it to you in a way that is inclusive and fun.

The Draw Botanical Method

The Draw Botanical Method is centered around the teachings of Wendy Hollender, renowned botanical illustrator. We use colored pencil and watercolor to create realistic, three-dimensional plant illustrations.

Our lessons and content are based on the following books:
The Joy of Botanical Drawing by Wendy Hollender
Botanical Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide by Wendy Hollender
Botanical Drawing in Color by Wendy Hollender
The Practice of Botanical Drawing by Wendy Hollender

If you attend an in-person workshop with one of our instructors, you can expect expertise in the Draw Botanical Method, as well as a supportive environment to grow your practice. We teach using a combination of hands-on demonstrations and lectures. You’ll have plenty of individualized feedback, quiet drawing time, and we’ll often lead you on an adventure to hunt plant specimens! 


Staying Curious and Always Learning

Our studio is always equipped with a spark of curiosity. This curiosity often leads us to new and exciting endeavors. However, no journey is complete without a few challenges along the way. These challenges are essential to becoming better and more mindful creators. We acknowledge the mistakes we have made in the past and are committed to getting back up and trying again. It is vital to us that we maintain the stamina to keep learning and listening. We believe in staying agile and receptive to new information and strategies to improve together.

  • We listen to community feedback to find ways to improve our processes, internally and externally.
  • We include diverse voices within our decision making process.

Leaving the World Better Than We Found It

We believe in using our platform for good. Over the years, we have partnered with several nonprofit organizations that share our goal of creating a better and more inclusive world for generations to come. Together, we strongly believe in our ability to create sustainable change within the world around us. Here are just a few of the organizations we have worked with.


Over many years of teaching in-person drawing workshops, we know that it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated. We strive to bring you the camaraderie and connection of an on-site workshop in a digital environment. We have created an image-focused forum (Art Feed) where you can receive feedback, motivation, connect with students, and build a botanical drawing portfolio. Join our vibrant, supportive community to make friends, share ideas, and get feedback from artists around the globe. 

Join us at an in-person workshop! 


Wendy Hollender is a botanical artist, illustrator, instructor, and author whose internationally-recognized career has spanned decades. She is a leading expert in using colored pencils and watercolor pencils to create detailed botanical drawings and paintings. Her illustrations have been published in the New York Times; O, The Oprah Magazine; Real Simple; Good Housekeeping; and Martha Stewart Living magazine. She is currently an instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and leads workshops at her farm in Accord, New York, at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii, and Greece. View Wendy’s Draw Botanical Portfolio.

   –  BFA in Textile Design from the Rhode Island School of Design 
   –  Certified by the New York Botanical Garden in Botanical Art and Illustration
   –  Featured in the 13th International Exhibition at Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
   –  Exhibited by Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, the Smithsonian National Museum for Natural History and the US Botanic Garden
   –  Author of The Joy of Botanical Drawing, Botanical Drawing in Color and the self-published Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide, and she is the illustrator of Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi.
   –  Member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden Florilegium of Artists


Veronica (Vern) Fannin is an artist and graphic designer. She has been drawing botanicals since 2015, honing her skills under the guidance of Wendy’s teachings. She first became familiar with Draw Botanical techniques when Wendy hired her to do graphic design for her online classes and book projects. Vern was a quick study and is now a talented botanical illustrator and instructor. She has experience with graphic design, typography, hand-lettering, and illustration in marker, pen, colored pencil, and digital brush. View Vern’s Draw Botanical Portfolio.

   –  BA in Studio Art from New College of Florida  
   –  MFA in Interior Design from Florida State University
   –  Author of A is for Asparagoose
   –  Instructor at Draw Botanical and on-location workshops since 2016
   –  Member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden Florilegium of Artists


Doug Milne trained as a residential interior designer and architectural draftsperson in New York City. He began to study with Wendy in 2008 at the New York Botanical Garden. Doug, a resident of the Hudson Valley, continued his studies with Wendy at Hollengold Farm when she established her program there in 2009. For the past 4 years, Doug has led a Botanical Drawing Class at Cornell Cooperative Extension as part of the Master Gardener Workshop Series. View Doug’s Draw Botanical Portfolio.

   –  New York Botanical Garden Horticulture Certificate
   –  Several botanical solo exhibitions
   –  Member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden Florilegium of Artists


Sam (Samantha) McWilliams is an artist from San Francisco, CA, with a BFA in painting and drawing from California College of the Arts. Since 2002 she has worked as a tattoo artist with a focus on precise lines and botanicals. She has a background in organic farming and gardening through Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center in Marin, CA, and worked with youth to integrate art and gardening into San Francisco’s public schools. Sam joined the Draw Botanical community in 2018, in her first course with Wendy and Vern on Kauai. She is dedicated to the ocean as a surfer and outrigger canoe paddler, and has resided with her wife in Vancouver, BC, Canada since 2015. View Sam’s Draw Botanical Portfolio.


Katy Lyness was born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in the American south and midwest. She moved to Manhattan in 1984, where she studied at the Art Student’s League and Columbia University Teachers College. While living in NYC she used her artistic skills in various ways, including printmaking, mural painting, and photo retouching. In 2000 she moved from her small New York apartment to a house in Jersey City with a backyard. There she was able to create her own version of Eden: a beautiful urban garden, which now features flowers, berries, fruit, vegetables, and two thriving beehives. Initially, botanical art was just an excuse to linger in the garden, however, several years and many sketchbooks later, she enrolled in the Botanical Illustration Program at the New York Botanical Garden. She now teaches botanical drawing there. She also teaches classes at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown, NJ. Her Work has been represented in the ASBA Annual international Exhibition. View Katy’s Draw Botanical Portfolio.

   – MA , Columbia University Teachers College 
   – Member of the American Society of Botanical Artists
   – Member of  Tri-State Botanical Artists


  • "Wendy has really streamlined her learned techniques and she and team are really willing to share and help others. There’s no ego here, it’s all about enjoying drawing."

    Dolores D.
  • "All instructors are knowledgeable, encouraging, personably warm and lighthearted."

    Wendy K.
  • "I like your teaching style, your philosophy of being one with nature,  and your insistence on botanical accuracy."

    Machi D.