Botanical Basics

A series of instructional meditations designed to build confidence in your core drawing skills, increase your set of techniques and encourage a relaxed time to create, plus access to our motivational community.

NOTE: ALL Botanical Basics Course lessons ARE INCLUDED in the Practice of Botanical Drawing Course, so there is NO NEED TO PURCHASE BOTH.

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  • 6 hrs

    of Content

  • Beginner

    Skill Level

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The Practice of Botanical Drawing

Step-by-step guidance for using colored pencil and watercolor pencil; nature’s seasonal forms, patterns and colors are all covered, plus access to our motivational community and the Botanical Basics library.

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  • 14 hrs

    of Content

  • All Levels

    Skill Level

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Are you already familiar with the Draw Botanical Technique and just want access to the the Art Feed, your own Portfolio, and our live monthly Webinars? Try a Community Subscription.

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All 3 subscription options include the following Community perks:

– share photos of your work, both finished and in process, on the Art Feed – our image-focused forum, open only to our vibrant community of Subscribers (artists like you from around the globe)

– receive compliments and constructive feedback in a timely manner (so you can finish your drawing before your subject wilts!)

– online personal Portfolio (with a link to share with fans!)

– live conversation with knowledgeable instructors about your artwork at our monthly Webinar

– access to recordings of past Webinars to watch anytime

– learn from others’ “mistakes” (and let them learn from yours!). You can learn a LOT about how to improve your own work by listening to instructors’ suggestions for other artists.

– build community, make new friends with similar interests

– have a lot of fun!


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  • "Very supportive and interactive for a "virtual" program. It also feels like you take the subject seriously without taking yourselves so seriously, which is a much more comfortable learning environment for me."

    Amy V.
  • "Open to everyone from the total beginner to the accomplished."

    Machi D.
  • "I would recommend these courses to anyone who is ready to put in the time and effort to nurture a drawing discipline - botanical drawing is so much more about skill development than innate talent."

    Ishbel G.