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A thorough immersion into the world of scientifically accurate, three-dimensional, and artistically rendered botanical illustration. Whether you’re just broaching this unique skill or are already an expert, these step-by-step instructions and extensive videos are an invaluable guide, created by one of the nation’s leading experts in the field, Wendy Hollender. Each lesson increases in complexity to build your skill set in a clear, concise, and accessible way. With a focus on the natural world through the botanical life-cycle, each project is not only a technical study, but a beautiful piece of artwork in and of itself. Self-Paced Course.

  •  Single light source toning technique
  • Principles of perspective for drawing flowers
  • The fundamentals of plant anatomy
  • Colored pencil and watercolor combined techniques
  • Color Theory of the natural world

Two Subscription Programs Available:

botanical illustration drawing art practice learn online classes flower logoThe Practice of Botanical Drawing: $40 monthly or $400 for a year (Comprehensive Course–view the Course Outline)

botanical illustration drawing art practice learn online classes flower logo basic seedBotanical Basics: $20 monthly or $200 for a year (Short 30-minute lessons–view the Course Outline)

What our students say

“I love the thoroughness of the instruction, the videos and Wendy’s positive attitude. I have fun and don’t get stressed.”

– L Galloway

“The 2016 Practice of Botanical Drawing experience was all I had hoped for. The quality of my art has improved and drawing has finally become an integral part of my daily life (and not just something I kept meaning to do). The videos, print lessons, assignments, feedback (from you, Vern, and the community), and monthly webinars all combined to provide the right level of instruction and motivation.”

– Marjorie Webb, CPSA

“I am doing something I had never even dreamed of, drawing in community.  Wendy Hollender started offering botanical drawing classes in the mid-Hudson Valley soon after moving to her farm in Accord, NY. Over the years, I’ve attended several weekend, three-day, and half day classes.  I was always inspired, productive, and wishing for more. Last year, Wendy launched The Practice of Botanical Drawing, an online platform with monthly lessons, teaching videos, ongoing feedback on posts, and a monthly online meeting. This was my first ever course online. I drew steadily throughout the year, my #1 goal. Wendy’s enthusiasm for botanical drawing, teaching, plant investigation, and color was contagious. I have the freedom to work at my own pace, on my own interest at the moment, but still with structured support and feedback. Truly, studying botanical drawing with Wendy has been and continues to be life changing!”

– Sheila Y

“I have participated in the online course, and the Practice of Botanical Drawing Board for six months now and have learned so much. It is fun to be part of such a vibrant and supportive group! Wendy and her assistant, Vern, are both excellent teachers and skilled communicators. Their very personable natures and enthusiasm make both the classes and workshops enjoyable. Beside the core course content, there is so much more. The group discussions on the Board are engaging and very informative. The social component to this program is exceptional : workshops are fun and a great time, with all ages and levels of talent participating. There is just so much to say about this online course. It has greatly improved my skills and I have enjoyed every minute of it!”

– Carol Burke

“I wanted to thank you again for the excellent start you gave me through your online course.  You taught me well and my dark sepia pencil is always nearby.  I can’t believe the progress I have been able to make in just 18 months.”

– Linda B

“I can’t believe how the focus of my life and work has changed in two years. You taught me the skills to begin the delicious discovery of how to render the flowers and plants I love. Botanical Drawing has led  to observations and discoveries that have deepened my knowledge of botany. The Practice of Botanical Drawing was great for me …though I couldn’t always follow the drumbeat of lessons…I attended or watched every online meeting, downloaded every lesson and watched every video. I enjoyed the company and the structure. I have a more critical eye and know my own aesthetic as I have progressed.  POBD gave me that gift.”

– Karen S

What's New

Join Wendy and Vern at a Botanical Drawing Workshop! We offer workshops around the globe. Unique opportunities to study botanical drawing in-person!

Access The Practice of Botanical Drawing Course without an internet connection! Draw along with botanical illustrator Wendy Hollender in over 15 hours of instructional videos.

Announcing the Year-Long Challenge: Follow a tree or woody shrub throughout the year and document its changes in your sketchbook. We call it “A Sketchbook of the Seasons.” See it now on the POBD Lessons page, or purchase the single lesson here!

Wendy’s Blog

Instagram for the Botanical Artist

I am a fan of Instagram. As a botanical illustrator, author, and instructor I look for ways to experience creativity and think in different ways about botanical art. I follow a lot of other botanical artists on Instagram that I admire, and I decided to ask some of them about how they use Instagram to promote their work. I first […]

Botanical Art Workshop in Greece 2018

Botanical Art Workshop Retreat on the Pelion Peninsula in Greece, June 2018 Lafkos is an old village dating back to the 15th century. There is exceptional plant diversity in this region that rivals anywhere else in the world, which makes it a paradise for botanical artists. We drew, ate, walked, collected plants, swam, ate some more, and visited local ancient […]

Botanical Illustration Workshop in Paradise

There are several reasons why a Botanical Illustration Workshop at the National Tropical Botanical Garden on Kauai, Hawaii is one of my favorite places to teach and draw plants. On March 15, 2018, we concluded our 9th year of this three-week intensive workshop, which grows more popular each year. We now have two full time instructors, myself Wendy Hollender and […]

Learn Botanical Drawing Online with Wendy Hollender

botanical illustration drawing art practice learn online classes flower logo basic seed

Botanical Basics

4 Modules with 40 lessons. These are 30-minute instructional meditations around botanical illustration. This online drawing course supports a routine of practice with a minimal time commitment. Then you will build confidence in your core drawing skills. As a result, you will increase your set of techniques in botanical illustration. Furthermore, this will encourage a relaxed time to create. A great course for beginners, or for advanced students who want to hone their drawing skills. View the Course Outline.

botanical illustration drawing art practice learn online classes flower logo

The Practice of Botanical Drawing

19 Lessons. Step-by-step botanical illustration lessons. In addition, access video and visual instruction in this online drawing course. Use colored pencil and watercolor pencil. Most importantly, study natures forms, patterns and colors. Draw throughout the year while using seasonal botanical subjects. Great for advanced students, professional illustrators, and graduates of Botanical Basics.  View the Course Outline.

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