Black Oxford Apple by Wendy Hollender


ALL are welcome (and encouraged!) to learn about the art of botanical drawing. 

Many people say things like, “I can’t draw to save my life,” and “I could never draw something like that!”, but the truth is… 

ANYONE can draw

(Yes, even YOU!)

If you have the desire to learn, and you commit to the time it takes, we can show you how. 

The “secret” to “great” art isn’t in technique or supplies, but in joy, practice, and low expectations. Remember – practice makes PROGRESS



Be curious, not critical. Follow your passions, and let yourself be fully human, flaws and all. We are nature, perfect in our imperfections.


Pelion Peninsula Plums by Wendy Hollender


Aspiring artists, begin with basics here.


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Blog – Free Tips & Techniques

EVERYONE deserves to learn! We are opening gates that have been kept shut and sharing the “secrets” behind realistic, three-dimensional drawing and painting. 

Aspiring artists, begin with free basics here.

Lady Slipper Orchid by Wendy Hollender


If finances are what’s standing between you and honing your creative craft, the FREE tips on our blog are a great place to start.

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Botanical Illustration – Tips & Techniques

Tulip Study Page by Wendy Hollender


Dip your toe in with free tips and techniques before you dive deeper! Get a taste for lessons from our workshops and online courses, full of info that will encourage you and improve your botanical drawing skills.

Set For Success

5 Warm-Up Exercises to Stretch your Drawing Muscles

Light Source

Perspective & Measuring: Illusions Revealed

Watercolor Techniques

Color Theory

Texture: The key to realistic botanical art

10 Questions Every Artist Should Ask While Drawing




How to draw a Tulip in 12 Easy Steps

Understanding Flowers

How to draw a realistic three-dimensional rose



The Practice of Botanical Drawing: Ideas for Expanding Lessons

Creating Compositions: Holiday Cards

4 “Tricks” to Fool the Eye: Trompe L’oeil

See Botanical Illustration Posts


Wendy’s Wisdom – Inspirational Motivation


Motivational content to inspire you to pick up your pencils and get creative! Check out themes including:

Don’t be Afraid to be “Wrong”

Quiet your Inner Critic

Listen…with your Eyes

 Turning Passion into Preservation

 Celebrate Your Progress

 Verdant Meditations

 Embrace Your Style

 De-stress Naturally

 Nature Journaling is Love

 The Great Book of Nature is Always Open

 Becoming a Beginner (Again)

 Brighten the World with your Creations

See Motivational Posts


Plant Families

Plant Family Portraits by Wendy Hollender


Encourage plant awareness and learn about how plants are related to one another. Explore Wendy’s Plant Family Portraits, a series of larger paintings (you can get as fine art prints!) showcasing the similarities and differences between plants in the same families.

1. Onion Family (Alliaceae, sub family of Liliaceae)

2. Nightshade Family (Solanaceae)

3. Citrus Family (Rutaceae)

4. Coffee Family (Rubiaceae)

5. Tulip Family (Tulipa, sub family of Liliacea)

6. Mustard Family (Brassicaceae)

7. Mushrooms of New York April thru July 2023 (Fungi Kingdom)

8. Rose Family (Rosaceae)

9. Magnolia Family (Magnoliaceae)

See Plant Families Posts


Subjects by Season


Not sure what to draw this season? Check these blog posts for inspiration to creatively capture the season around you.

Fall in love with Winter Magic

Sketching Seasons: Winter

Creating Compositions: Holiday Cards

Sketching Summer: Ideas & Botanical Definitions

See Seasonal Posts


Art Supplies


The Draw Botanical Method relies on some essential art supplies. Find the simple set of supplies we recommend at drawbotanical.com/art-supplies/.

See our Suggested Supplies List Here

Some of our workshops use Kraft paper, a joy to work on and a forgiving medium.

See our Favorite Things about Kraft Paper Here

If you’re interested in art supplies beyond colored pencil and watercolor, check out our Ultimate Guide to Art Mediums.

See our Ultimate Guide to Art Mediums Here


We can also help you unearth the perfect gift for a nature-enthusiast in your life at drawbotanical.com/gift-guide/.

See our Gift Guide Here



Tropical Seed Pods by Wendy Hollender


Some of our blog posts don’t quite fall into the categories above, but they still have a lot of helpful info! Check these out:

What You Need To Know Before, During, & After Foraging

Why botanical illustration matters

The Art of Scientific Botanical Illustration

The Meditative Spiritual Practice of Botanical Art

Plant Pride: Celebrating Diversity

Decolonizing botanical art

 How you can monetize your botanical art


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Course Subscriptions

We offer 3 unique subscriptions so you can get everything you need to succeed (and nothing you don’t!). Try your FIRST WEEK FREE. Cancel any time with no hidden fees.



All 3 subscription options include the following Community perks:

share photos of your work, both finished and in process, on the Art Feed – our image-focused forum, open only to our vibrant community of Subscribers (artists like you from around the globe)

– receive compliments and constructive feedback in a timely manner (so you can finish your drawing before your subject wilts!)

– online personal Portfolio (with a link to share with fans!)

live conversation with knowledgeable instructors about your artwork at our monthly Webinar

– access to recordings of past Webinars to watch anytime

learn from others’ “mistakes” (and let them learn from yours!). You can learn a LOT about how to improve your own work by listening to instructors’ suggestions for other artists.

– build community, make new friends with similar interests

– have a lot of fun!

Read more about the advantages of taking a botanical illustration course online.


The Practice of Botanical Drawing


Perfect for those who want to practice drawing techniques with detailed lessons following the seasons year-round. This course subscription encourages an ongoing practice that advances at your own pace, one skill at a time. 

The Practice of Botanical Drawing Course Subscription provides step-by-step guidance for using colored pencil and watercolor pencil to capture nature’s seasonal forms, patterns and colors, plus access to our motivational community and the Botanical Basics library.

Skill Level: ALL, aspiring to advanced


What’s included in The Practice of Botanical Drawing Complete Course?

– learn to draw on your schedule

– learn in small chunks, one skill at a time

– 43 full-length video lessons, focusing on different techniques and subjects (Find full list of lessons here.)

– downloadable lesson PDFs from Wendy’s book, The Practice of Botanical Drawing (Purchase printed lessons here)

expand these lessons to various subjects!

year-long challenge to follow a tree throughout all its seasons

advanced lessons in scale and decorative design

– also includes all Botanical Basics video lessons

– all Community perks listed above 

The Practice of Botanical Drawing Course Subscription is for you if you learn best at your own pace (asynchronous learning) AND desire constructive feedback from instructors on your work to help your skills improve.

Learn more about The Practice of Botanical Drawing Course Subscription


Botanical Basics 


Perfect for those taking the first steps in their artistic journey. This course subscription lays the foundation for the detailed techniques taught in The Practice of Botanical Drawing.

Botanical Basics Course Subscription is a series of instructional meditations designed to build confidence in your core drawing skills, increase your set of techniques and encourage relaxing time to create.

Skill Level: Beginners (and ALL who practice their beginners mindset)


What’s included in the Botanical Basics Course?

-learn to draw on your schedule with helpful video lessons

-learn in small chunks, one skill at a time (perfect for busy bees!)

-40 short videos, focusing on warm ups and basic drawing skills (Find full list of lessons here.)

-all Community perks listed above 

Botanical Basics Course Subscription is for you if you want to start with building fundamental drawing skills at the beginning your artistic journey, learn best at your own pace (asynchronous learning), AND desire constructive feedback from instructors on your work to help your skills improve.

Learn more about the Botanical Basics Course Subscription




Perfect for those who have completed all of the lessons in Botanical Basics and The Practice of Botanical Drawing (or bought the USB), and still want to post to the Art Feed, join monthly Webinars, and maintain your online Portfolio.

Skill Level: Advanced

Note: Community Subscription does NOT include any Courses or Lessons. It is solely for access to community perks – Art Feed, Portfolio, and Webinars.

Learn more about the Community subscription




If you are looking for live instruction to motivate you to sit down at your drawing table, our Workshops could be perfect for you. 

Skill Level: ALL, aspiring to advanced (varies by workshop)


In-Person Workshops

Workshop participants from Hawaii, Feb. 2024


If you enjoy learning in community with other passionate artists and love to explore gorgeous places, local and abroad, you’ll love our in-person workshops.

Our instructors teach botanical drawing techniques around the globe, most often in Hawaii, Spain, and New York’s Catskill Mountains. To get a taste of the immersive in-person workshop experience, watch this video and read about past in-person workshops here.

See Upcoming Workshops


Live Zoom Workshops

Drawing demo by Pam Thompson for Pomegranates Zoom Workshop (Purchase recording here)


If you have an interest in a particular subject or technique and enjoy learning via live calls on Zoom from the comfort of your home, check out our popular Zoom Workshops. 

Our friendly instructors kick things off with live demos on day one, setting the stage for your botanical masterpiece. Day two brings confidence-boosting, constructive critiques and even more live demonstrations to fine-tune your skills.

At our workshops, collaboration and community are key. Your curiosity fuels the creative fire for all of us. We foster a safe space where questions are not just welcome but encouraged! Class size is usually limited to fewer than 40 people. 

After the workshop is over, you will still have access to the recordings to reference anytime.

See Upcoming Workshops 


Recordings of Past Zoom Workshops


If you prefer asynchronous online learning about a specific topic, subject, or technique, you won’t want to miss our archive of recordings from previous Zoom Workshops.

After a live zoom workshop ends, you can still purchase the recording to watch anytime, anywhere.

Though you won’t discuss your work in live conversation, you can still submit photos (at any stage throughout your process!) and get quality feedback from our instructors that will improve your drawings and boost your confidence

See Available Zoom Workshop Recordings



Sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book. We’ve got you covered! Wendy’s botanical drawing books provide thorough instruction of her colored pencil and watercolor methods and techniques. Each book has different drawing subjects and is unique in its approach to bring nature to life on the page.

Which book is best for YOU? Find out here!

The Joy of Botanical Drawing

The Practice of Botanical Drawing

Botanical Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide

Botanical Drawing in Color

Nature Journaling in a Nutshell Quick Guide

Learn more about Books



USB Drive with Entire Course Library

Every video lesson and downloadable pdf from The Practice of Botanical Drawing and Botanical Basics, all on one compact USB drive you’ll be able to access on any computer at any time. No internet necessary!

83 total videos (.mp4 files) and 28 total lessons (.pdf files) are loaded on a 128GB USB Flash Drive, for use on Mac and PC computers with a standard USB 2.0 port.

NOTE: This does not include other features of The Practice of Botanical Drawing Online Course such as the Art FeedPortfolio, or monthly Webinars. If you’d like access to these features, please consider joining our courses or Community!

Learn more about the USB Drive


Individual Video Lessons

These individual video lessons are designed as companions to the book, The Joy of Botanical Drawing. Follow along with author and illustrator, Wendy Hollender, as she draws various subjects. 

Price ranges $20-30, depending on topic and video length.

After purchasing a Joy of Botanical Drawing Video Companion, you will receive an email with a link to access the video. If you login to drawbotanical.com, you can also find all your purchased videos in the “My Supplies” tab.

You will have unlimited access to the video, so you can watch it as many times as you like.

These are NOT downloadable products. You will need an internet connection to view these streaming videos.

If you would like to receive feedback on your drawing from this lesson, consider joining our Online Community to post your work and get feedback from Draw Botanical instructors.

Video topics include:

See Full List of Individual Video Lessons


If you’re looking for more video lessons, check out our course subscriptions and past Zoom workshop recordings.



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