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  • Patricia Zuroski added a Photo 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    • Two more attempts. For the righthand drawing, I finally forced myself to use pencil to find the shape and spiral pattern and then used ink to draw the detail. That helped a lot. The lefthand drawing is all pencil.

    • Hi Patricia- the view on the right is almost there! It has nice contrast and you can see all the different layers. You could even add more darks where the scales overlap. Also remember that you need highlights and a range of tones for each scale and for the overall cone to establish it’s form. With the cone on the left it is hard for me to read. The two ends have minimal toning and the center’s toning is very uniform. Think of the toning exercises where you have a range of at least 9 tones from the white highlight (the color of the paper) thru black. The darks you created on the right view with ink are great and you could achieve the same darks with pencil.