Custom Hot Press Watercolor Spiral Pad



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  • Paper: includes 20 pages of hot press 140lb Stonehenge Aqua watercolor paper.
  • Covers: are made from 100% recycled paper and are sturdy.
  • Binding: spiral binding has a removable clasp to add and remove paper.

Legion’s Stonehenge Aqua hot press paper is smooth and silky. Water permeates this paper slowly, allowing time for fine details and subtle color gradations. This finely crafted, yet affordable paper is Wendy’s new favorite for botanical drawing. Botanical Drawing Sketchbooks use a unique spiral binding that allows you to open the book to add and remove paper. You can purchase refills of Stonehenge Aqua 140 lb. hot pressed water color paper to insert into the book. In the Sketchbooks you can take out finished work and put in new blank paper to continue re-using the sketchbook without having to get a new sketchbook or cut your finished art out of this book. You can also take out the sketch pages to display and then return them to the book! Available in three sizes.

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4" x 5", 5.25" x 7.25", 8.5" x 11"