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Brush Travel Case

Looking for a way to travel with and store your Interlon Brushes? This perfectly sized, sturdy paper tube keeps brushes safe while they're in your travel bag or art case.

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Caran d'Ache Aquarelle Watercolor Palette

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These are Wendy’s favorite synthetic watercolor brushes because:

+ They’re inexpensive, so you don’t have to be precious about your brushes. It’s great to buy a bunch so that when the point goes, you can use the brush for mixing and get a new brush for precision painting.

+ They have a really great point! Perfect for fine details and precision painting.

+ The brushes are made and sold in Japan, and we are the only supplier in the US!

+ Four sizes available (the ones that Wendy uses the most in the Draw Botanical Method)
-1026 #6
-1026 #2
-1026 #3/0 (SOLD OUT)
-417 #3/0 (SOLD OUT)

+The brush travel case can keep your brushes together, organized, and protected!

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1026 #6, 1026 #2, 1026 #3/0, 417 #3/0