Zoom Workshop 101: Green Leaves: Texture and Color


Join us for a Two-Day Zoom Workshop!

Sunday, July 7, 2024: 3pm – 7pm EST

Thursday, July 11, 2024: 4pm – 6pm EST

Instructors: Pam & Sam

Level: All levels

Botanical Subjects: Green Leaves


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Sunday, July 7, 2024: 3pm – 7pm EST

Thursday, July 11, 2024: 4pm – 6pm EST

Instructors: Pam & Sam
Level: All levels
Botanical Subjects: Green Leaves

Enjoy leaf hunting! (Make sure to forage safely!) Come to class with a variety of green leaves to explore their textures and tones. Here are some examples:
+ Fuzzy – stachys, lamb’s ears, or sage leaves
+ Matte – hydrangea, coneflower, or maple leaves
+ Shiny – rhododendron, azalea, rose, or holly leaves

Workshop Description

All botanical artists encounter the inevitable challenge of portraying leaves. How can we draw “fuzzy,” paint “matte,”or shade “shiny”? How can we color match nature’s infinite shades of green? Join this workshop to learn how to combine watercolor and colored pencil to create realistic renderings of different leaf textures and tones so your botanical compositions represent their natural subjects with beauty and accuracy.


What to Expect:

Our friendly instructors kick things off with live demos on day one, setting the stage for your botanical masterpiece. Day two brings confidence-boosting, constructive critiques and even more live demonstrations to fine-tune your skills.

At our workshops, collaboration and community are key. Your curiosity fuels the creative fire for all of us. We foster a safe space where questions are not just welcome but encouraged! Ask any and all questions you may have; the answers could benefit all participants.

To get you prepped and pumped, we’ve got a bunch of pre-recorded videos waiting for you, along with recordings of each session. Everything you need will magically appear in your inbox, so keep an eye out for emails from info@drawbotanical.com.


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Recommended Supplies:

Find all of the supplies that we recommend here. NOTE: For this class, you will want to make sure you have our recommended Schminke Aqua Masking Fluid, Speedball Hunt Globe Bowl Pointed Dip Pen #513 Extra Fine Nib (or similar nib – must be a Globe Bowl Spoon type nib), and Speedball Straight Pen Nib Holder (or similar pen nib holder), as well as an Embossing Tool – Small.

Feel free to follow along with any supplies you have (your result may just end up looking a little different). Our lessons are about a combination of fundamental 3D art concepts and colored pencil and watercolor technique, so you can skip the supplies-specific tips and still learn a lot about art basics including perspective, light source, composition, etc. 

One of the main points we teach is colored pencil and watercolor technique for slow, continuous toning, but as long as you are able to achieve the same blending result with your chosen materials, you can still benefit from our course lessons.



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