The Practice of Botanical Drawing

Step-by-step guidance for using colored pencil and watercolor pencil; nature’s seasonal forms, patterns and colors are all covered, plus access to our motivational community and the Botanical Basics library.

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This course is perfect for

Students who want to practice the basic techniques with longer, more detailed lessons that follow the seasons and encourage an ongoing practice that gradually advances throughout the program.

Includes access to:

  • All 43 instructional videos
  • Downloadable PDFs with step-by-step instructions
  • Our motivational community Art Feed
  • Plus – all 40 Botanical Basics videos

Examples of Student Work

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What do I get access to?

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Access to 14 hours of lessons content across videos, worksheets, videos and PDFs that will encourage you to continue to draw on a regular basis.

Topics Covered

  • How to draw flowers, fruits, and leaves
  • Single light source toning technique
  • Principles of perspective for drawing flowers
  • The fundamentals of plant anatomy
  • Colored pencil and watercolor combined techniques
  • Color Theory of the natural world

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An image-focused forum (Art Feed) to receive feedback, motivation, connect with students, and build a botanical drawing portfolio. Join our vibrant, supportive community to make friends, share ideas, and get feedback from artists around the globe.

Live Interactive Webinars

The live monthly webinar is a great place to receive feedback on your work posted to the Art Feed, learn from suggestions, and participate in our global community in real time. Come to the live meeting or watch it later in the archive. You do not have to submit drawings to participate and learn from the critique.



  • "The learning environment of Draw Botanical is very supportive and encouraging. I am learning so many useful tips that enable me to achieve beautiful results with my artwork."

    Jill A.
  • "I do not have a talent in creative art, but botanical drawing gives me the satisfaction of creating something that is beautiful. Botanical drawing to me is meditation. While drawing, I automatically forget about everything else happening around me. The world becomes just me and the plant as I focus on drawing the plant as faithfully as possible to what nature created. As long as I "copy" nature, the product comes out always beautiful."

    Machi D.
  • "The access to all the video lessons, Art Feed and monthly webinars is great value for the monthly cost."

    Jill A.