Botanical Basics

A series of instructional meditations designed to build confidence in your core drawing skills, increase your set of techniques and encourage a relaxed time to create, plus access to our motivational community.

NOTE: ALL Botanical Basics Course lessons ARE INCLUDED in the Practice of Botanical Drawing Course, so there is NO NEED TO PURCHASE BOTH.

  • 40


  • 6 hrs

    of Content

  • Beginner

    Skill Level

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This course is perfect for

Students with a limited time commitment, students who have always wanted to learn to draw but didn’t think they could, students who want to study nature, or are looking for a way to slow down and meditate with drawing. Includes 40 instructional videos and our motivational community Art Feed.

  • Colored pencil and watercolor beginners
  • Experienced illustrators in need of a refresher
  • Artists with limited free time
  • Learners of all ages
  • Students who need motivation

Examples of Student Work

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What do I get access to?

After your purchase the program, you’ll receive immediate access to:


Develop a botanical drawing practice 30 minutes at a time, with the help of renowned botanical illustrator Wendy Hollender. Our popular self-paced course has 40 lessons that build hand-eye coordination and muscle control through practice and repetition.

Topics Covered

  • Foundational concepts
  • Rendering tonal layers
  • Light source and shadows
  • Adding color to drawings
  • Draw a tomato, branch, apple, onion, and petal
  • Cross-contour lines to apply patterns to forms


List of Lessons

  • Art Supplies
  • Light Source
  • Three Tone Values
  • Create a Value Scale of 9 Tones
  • Create a Value Scale Tool
  • Continuous Toning
  • Toning an Arc Tone Bar
  • Toning a Cylinder
  • Cylinder Becomes a Branch
  • Toning a Sphere
  • Drawing a Sphere with Cast Shadow and Reflective Highlight
  • Sphere Becomes a Tomato
  • Color Tone Bars for Branch and Tomato
  • Adding Color to a Branch
  • Adding Color to a Tomato
  • Feathering Technique
  • Drawing a Cherry Tomato in Color
  • Plaid
  • Small Fruits
  • Roots
  • Complex Overlaps
  • Feather
  • Apple
  • Onion
  • Petal
  • Cross-Contour
  • Applying Pattern to Apple
  • Applying Pattern to Petal
  • Methods of Applying Watercolor
  • Combining Watercolor and Colored Pencil
  • Using Watercolor from a Tube
  • Drawing a Petal with Watercolor
  • Adding Colored Pencil to Your Petal
  • Ribbon
  • Parallel Vein Leaf
  • Net Vein Leaf
  • Petal
  • Advanced Ribbon
  • Complex Bark

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An image-focused forum (Art Feed) to receive feedback, motivation, connect with students, and build a botanical drawing portfolio. Join our vibrant, supportive community to make friends, share ideas, and get feedback from artists around the globe.

Live Interactive Webinars

The live monthly webinar is a great place to receive feedback on your work posted to the Art Feed, learn from suggestions, and participate in our global community in real time. Come to the live meeting or watch it later in the archive. You do not have to submit drawings to participate and learn from the critique.



  • "I always feel I can send in my work without being self conscious, and that you will bring my skill level higher with your comments. Your classes are great for people who need to learn the basics, no matter the subject. Your classes are very informative: color values, shading objects and how to blend color. You cover all the basics to get started no matter what the subject."

    Camille M.
  • "Low pressure, high encouragement. You guys celebrate the progress and process. You seem to take delight in everyone's wholehearted attempts."

    Sara S.
  • "I love the absorption and intense focus of botanical drawing - it is like meditation. Hours can pass and it is very satisfying. I also like the fact that the more one draws, progress is evident."

    Ishbel G.