Recordings of Past Zoom Workshops

Missed one of our live Zoom Drawing Workshops? No problem!

Scroll through this page for all of our past Zoom Workshops currently available to purchase.

Our workshops include a set of pre-recorded videos for you to watch as you prepare for class, as well as recordings of each workshop session (delivered via email) which include demonstrations on the first day of a workshop and constructive critiques on the second day.

(You can also view the recordings if you login on our website, click “My Supplies,” and scroll down to “My Videos.”)

Find all of the supplies that we recommend here. Feel free to follow along with any supplies you have (your result may just end up looking a little different). Our lessons are about a combination of fundamental 3D art concepts and colored pencil and watercolor technique, so you can skip the supplies-specific tips and still learn a lot about art basics including perspective, light source, composition, etc. One of the main points we teach is colored pencil and watercolor technique for slow, continuous toning, but as long as you are able to achieve the same blending result with your chosen materials, you can still benefit from our course lessons.