Embrace Your Style

green circle with a pencil, leaf, and the quote The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist. ― Eric Gill


If you have ever drawn, painted, sculpted, designed, built, written, performed, cooked, snapped a pic, hummed a tune, whistled while you worked, created anything in any way, I have news for you… You are an artist!


Embrace Your Style 

Each of us has our own unique style, something special we can’t help but share with the world. The more you experiment and practice, the clearer your style and focus will become.

Some instructors ask that you copy their drawing to learn technique. Here at Draw Botanical, we know that everyone is different, and what works best for us may not be right for you. We encourage studying your own real, live specimen so you can experience firsthand the unique characteristics of your particular subject.


Composition by Wendy Hollender, Embroidered by Trish Burr


Some say that all art is stolen, but I prefer to view it more as “sharing,” as a collaboration between the artist and everything that inspired their artwork. I hope you enjoy my collaboration with needlework expert, Trish Burr, author of The Kew Book of Nature Samplers: 10 exquisite embroidery projects, published this month! (June 2023) 

This book features a starter project that will introduce you to the most commonly used stitches, and then nine full sampler projects. The book explains all the stitches needed, and gives thorough advice on preparation and choosing fabrics and threads. All the projects are shown step-by-step, and the first project begins with an introduction to the most commonly used stitches. Find the book on Amazon here.


What excites you most? 

Even if we’re all drawing roses, every rose has its own unique characteristics, and each person’s drawing will be different! What do you love most about your rose? What aspects do you want to be sure to convey? 

Make that your focus!

Sometimes a really simple view of a really simple subject is best; perhaps a rose bud, rather than a complex, multi-petaled rose, for example. Embrace your style and work to nourish it. From there, you may find inspiration will strike.

We love to lay out the artwork in workshops to see everyone’s style and point of view–it’s amazing and beautiful how different each drawing can be, even when we’re all using the same materials and “technique!” Workshops are a great place to explore and learn useful methods for improving your artwork. We hope to see you soon! 

Lemon by Pam Thompson with Art Feed comments


If you prefer to watch videos on your own time, we highly encourage you to share your work on the Art Feed! Post photos of your work to our supportive, moderated community, and our instructors will respond with positive feedback and helpful suggestions to help you improve. Can’t wait to see your work!

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