Open Art Exhibits in NYC Featuring Wendy and Many Other Talented Artists!

I am excited to announce that two in-person exhibitions focusing on nature and art at two Chelsea Galleries in NYC just opened. Coincidentally, both exhibits are on West 28th Street! My work is being shown in the traditional botanical art exhibit at the . The other exhibit has various styles of art focused on

I was excited to see my Amaryllis featured in in the current issue of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine along with all the other amazing art.

“Represented by the Amaryllis illustrated here, Wendy Hollender works in colored pencil mixed with watercolor and has published four books on the subject, including . Her direct approach to exploring the intricacies of the plant world is encapsulated in the dissections she often includes…” Read More

Contemporary Works by The New York Botanical Garden’s Botanical Art & Illustration Program at Carter Burden Gallery

World-renowned artists Carol Woodin, Dick Rauh and Wendy Hollender are included in this exhibition alongside Elizabeth Fusco, Jean Galle, Gaye Grossman, Ann Hoffenberg, Rose Marie James, Robin Jess, Corinne Lapin-Cohen, Tammy McEntee, Lois Perlman, Susan Sapanara, and Anastasia Traina.

Intensely aware of natural challenges to flora globally, there is a desire to make others aware of the relationship between people and plants. While staying true to the tenets of scientific accuracy and concepts of fine art, these artists explore their subject in a very personal way, spending hours studying the plant, mulling over how and where it grows, its appearance in different seasons, what struggles it has, its pollinators; and the resulting work is often a sonnet of love to the unsuspecting forb, fruit or flower. The plants go on with their life’s goal of reproducing, improving and continuing their line, oblivious to the botanical artists who are fascinated and intrigued by them and desire to understand them and share that beauty and knowledge with the world. Learn More

Flora Nova: Painting Nature Now by Sugarlift & Peter Trippi

This show features recent work by five gifted artists who each regard the natural world in a unique and compelling way. Rose Frantzen, Lara Call Gastinger, Sarah Margaret Gibson, Alex Merritt, and Katie Whipple were invited to participate by the Sugarlift team and guest curator Peter Trippi, editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur, who notes that Flora Nova offers “a thrilling snapshot of the possibilities being explored by artists who not only see but feel their fertile subject matter.” On view at Sugarlift are ravishing beauty and the wondrous intricacy of botanical forms, but also glimpses of the inevitability of decay and nature’s propensity for enchantment, mystery, even danger.

Each of this exhibition’s artists is immersed in a deep, ongoing dialogue with nature, yet their aesthetic and technical approaches are little alike. Their individuality reminds us that flowers and other foliage are so diverse in appearance and meaning that we humans could – and surely will – go on forever trying to capture and process them. Learn More

I will be going to the opening next Thursday, July 15th to see both shows, which are now open. I hope you check them out, too!

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