Custom Prints at the Draw Botanical Studio

Here’s a behind the scenes at how we make our prints at Draw Botanical. We do all of our printing in-house with our own equipment.
Canvas Prints are printed on acid-free canvas with archival inks. Then we make handmade frames so they hang almost like an old-fashioned botany poster.

From the craftsman: “Hello, I’m John Perella. I’m located in Grahamsville, NY in the Catskill Mountains. I’m the maker of these wooden strips for Wendy that are used to hang her canvas prints. These strips are attached to the top and bottom of the canvas and display the prints really well. From white ash to red maple – these are all Catskill mountain hardwoods. I am proud to have these attached to some of Wendy’s drawings, to tell you the truth.”


We have a 24″ wide printer and enlarge our artwork quite a bit to make these prints. To achieve this, we scan the artwork at a very high resolution. We’ve just started printing Wendy’s Kraft Paper paintings as well!  The midtone Kraft paper look great on both light and dark walls. Click here to view all prints purchasing options.

We offer Fine Art Prints of YOUR ARTWORK, too! It can be difficult to source proper scanning and printing services for colored pencil/watercolor art. We have been professionally printing Wendy’s artwork for several years using top of the line equipment, and we want to offer that service to you.

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