Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide New Edition


This workbook is 26 lessons in graphite and colored pencil. Each lesson will appear at the top of the spiral bound book and the drawing paper for lessons is included below. The spiral can be opened and closed to add and remove sheets. Refills of paper are available for purchase.


“Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide” 

For those who learn best by following one simple lesson at a time and drawing right next to it in the book, this is the book for you!

This new, updated edition of the best-selling workbook, “Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide” has been redesigned based on your feedback and the success of “The Practice of Botanical Drawing Printed Lessons.” The new format still provides drawing paper next to each lesson, but uses less paper and new binding to make the book more affordable and easy to use!

Learn to draw botanical subjects in colored pencil in this workbook-style book. The workbook is 26 lessons in graphite and colored pencil with blank drawing paper next to each lesson so you can practice right inside the book.

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