Recording of Zoom Panel: Botanical Sketching Celebration with Wendy Hollender, Lara Call Gastinger, & Giacomina Ferrillo


TIME: RECORDED August 31, 2023

LOCATION: Zoom (wherever you are!)

INSTRUCTORS: Wendy Hollender, Lara Call Gastinger, & Giacomina Ferrillo

If you’re unable to attend the Botanical Sketching workshop in person, this is definitely the next best thing!


TIME: RECORDED August 31, 2023

LOCATION: Zoom (wherever you are!)

NOTE: Those already registered for Botanical Sketching with Wendy, Lara, & Giacomina at Hollengold Farm (August 28-30 or September 1-3), will also receive the links to this Zoom workshop and the recording, so do not purchase if you’ll be attending in person.

After their first collaborative teaching experience, Wendy Hollender, Lara Call Gastinger, and Giacomina Ferrillo will share the most memorable moments and impactful lessons they learned during their time together in-person. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to not only see these three internationally renowned botanical artists’ most recent work, but also ask them questions. You’ll leave feeling inspired by their passion for botanical sketching and ready to discover, depict, and dance with nature in your own sketchbook.

Meet the Instructors

Wendy Hollender 

Wendy is a botanical illustrator, author, and instructor, as well as the founder of Draw Botanical. She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the National Tropical Botanical Garden Florilegium Project.
Instagram: @wendyhollender

–  BFA in Textile Design from the Rhode Island School of Design
–  Certified by the New York Botanical Garden in Botanical Art and Illustration
–  Featured in the 13th International Exhibition at Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
–  Exhibited by Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, the Smithsonian National Museum for Natural History and the US Botanic Garden
–  Author of The Joy of Botanical DrawingNature Journaling in a NutshellThe Practice of Botanical DrawingBotanical Drawing in Color and the self-published Botanical Drawing, A Beginner’s Guide
– Illustrator of Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi.
–  Member of the National Tropical Botanical Garden Florilegium of Artists

Learn more about Wendy Hollender here.


Lara Call Gastinger 

Lara Call Gastinger is a botanical artist and illustrator in Central Virginia. She was the chief illustrator for the Flora of Virginia Project and a two-time gold medalist at the Royal Horticultural Society Botanical Art Shows in London (2007, 2018). She is renowned for teaching how to create and maintain a Perpetual Journal.

The subjects of her art come from the natural world and her art reveals detailed evidence of change, decay, and processes that occur in nature. She finds great inspiration in a carrot that has gone to flower, a broken seed pod, twisted roots or insect damage to a leaf. She strives to make a plant portrait in such a way that it reveals its character and uniqueness. Her focus is on the small details in nature, down to the small venations in leaves which hopefully inspires others to look a bit deeper and pause a bit longer.

Find Lara’s Instagram @laragastinger.

Professional memberships
– American Society of Botanical Artists
– McGuffey Art Center Associate Member
– Rivanna Master Naturalists
– Virginia Native Plant Society, Jefferson Chapter
– Botanical Artists of the North Capitol Region

Learn more about Lara Call Gastinger here.


Giacomina Ferrillo 

Giacomina Ferrillo is an Italian artist, illustrator, and children’s books author. Her botanical sketchbook pages are highly appreciated on the web (over 100k followers on Instagram! @giacominaferrillo) and have been published by some international specialized magazines.

She is a member of ASBA (American Society of Botanical Artists) and has exhibited her works in London four times for SBA, the English Botanical Artists Society.

“I hope every time, by reproducing the inclination of a stem or the curve of a petal, to share the same feeling of joy that I feel. By examining a flower and its tiny details, we get closer to that perfection and magnificence that is in everything around us and that we often observe with eyes too distracted by our fast lives. Botanical art has the great merit of helping us focus on what is true and important as well as educating about the help that can be given to the planet. I would like what I do to help bring many others closer to this noble discipline.”

Learn more about Giacomina Ferrillo here.



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