Let your specimen amaze you

During the creation of a botanical drawing, so much of the joy is exploring, investigating, and letting the wonder of nature wash over you. Often this type of drawing can feel overwhelming, slow, never-ending…

Bring your attention away from those fears and take the time to find the wonder in your specimen. What amazes you? This quote reminds us that a majority of what we do is careful observation and connection with plants.

When you focus on that true “work” of quiet exploration and awareness, it can become a conversation: your specimen can communicate where to start and how to continue. In studying the life cycle of a plant or in unwrapping your subject in dissection, you may discover something you’ve not known before or some beauty that exhilarates you– draw that! Capture that wonder in your drawing to share your amazement with others.

Let yourself have moments of stillness, discovery, astonishment, and use that energy to create your artwork.

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