The Art of Good Food: Botanical Recipe Composition Celebration

Artist: Jeanne Gren

Between September and November 2021, we hosted the Botanical Recipe Composition Project. In this workshop, we celebrated our love for botanical illustrations, hand-lettering, and of course, food! This was our first “long-term” workshop, and over a few months, we met several times to learn some new tricks and work on our projects together. It was refreshing to be able to take our time on these larger-scale projects, and the class was very generous about sharing their own tips and ideas. See what we’ve been up to, join the fun, and hear about our process as we share our illustrated recipe pages for some of our favorite dishes.

Artist: Vern Fannin

We learned a lot about designing compositions, patience with our hand-lettering, laying out text, and of course, drawing realistic ingredients. Our group of students developed a really supportive camaraderie, and it was fun to watch everyone’s progress over time.

Artist: Esther Carpi

In addition to sharing our favorite recipes, this project brought up a lot of personal stories and family connections, which was nice to share with each other.

Artist: Jeanne Gren
Artist: Mary Poxon

As part of this project, we offered optional Zoom sessions where we each worked on our recipe pages as we sat together.

Artist: Ann Ruppert

In this relaxing virtual space, we make time to draw together and hold ourselves accountable to sit at our drawing tables and support each other in our practice. Our instructors and other talents of the Draw Botanical community come together to share their live drawing table tips & tricks and answer questions to help further your progress on your independent drawing project.

Artist: Marsha Wagner

We have gotten great feedback from this workshop, and we would love to offer it again. Maybe someday we’ll make a full recipe book! Will you join the fun?

Artist: Gail Goodrich Hardwood

We hope you enjoy the final projects from this class and are inspired to illustrate your own favorite recipe. We are very proud of this group of artists!

Artist: Georgia Ratcliffe
Artist: Deborah Janssens
Artist: Douglass Reitter
Artist: Sam McWilliams


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