Verdant Meditations

Mustard Plant Family Portrait by Wendy Hollender


Thank you to Taliesin Thomas for this lovely feature on dirt-mag.com, aptly titled, “Verdant Meditations.” The piece explores how I became a botanical artist, the philosophy behind the Draw Botanical Method, and a peek into the magic I’ve been making most recently. (See the full feature here.)


Wendy Hollender drawing flowers in her nature journal


Plant Partners

I work entirely from direct experience with plants. The plants and I are partners! Seeing them up close, in person, is vital to my artistic process. Plants offer endless options for subjects to draw, but they also act as a kind of spirit guide. 


Daylily from The Mingled Flower Garden at Frederic Church’s Olana by Wendy Hollender


“Imagine a flower, opening in the morning, not worried or stressed about whether a pollinator will come; it patiently, beautifully, waits. It cannot hurry up, cannot rush the process. If a pollinator doesn’t come, the flower doesn’t get upset with itself for not being ‘attractive’ or ‘inviting’ enough; it ‘sleeps’ through the night and tries again in the morning.” (Read the full blog post on patience here.)


Tropical Seed Pods by Wendy Hollender


Engage with our Complex Natural World

My favorite quote from the article:

“The close study of plants not only brings joy to our life, she says, it also promotes a more mindful engagement with plants as the very beings that represent the complexity of our natural world. As spoken by Hollender, our increased understanding of plant diversity naturally encourages our increased love of the Mother Earth. ‘By looking closely at plants,’ she comments, ‘you will certainly care more about the ecosystem.'”


Sea Holly with Bug by Wendy Hollender


Let Nature Seduce You

Join us for a rewarding experience unlike any other! When you slow down and practice these techniques, not only will you learn to draw, but you will develop a close and personal relationship with the cycle of life, exploring plants and flowers on a micro level, almost the way an insect does. I invite you to see nature up-close and be seduced by it. Listen… with your eyes.


Torch Ginger with Bird by Wendy Hollender


What’s Your Interpretation?

I read a quote from artist David Sibley that I could not have said better myself:

“Getting better at drawing is partly about developing technical skill, but it’s more about getting to know the subject… Drawing is a way of slowing down to take the time to look at something, and drawing also gives you a record of what you thought you saw. It’s not like a photograph; it’s your interpretation of what you saw.” – David Sibley, NYTimes ‘Wherever I Am, I Am Always Birding


Adopt Plant Family Portraits into YOUR Family!

So far, I have completed onion, nightshade, citrus, coffee, tulip, mustard, and mushrooms of New York. Learn more & purchase here.


Hope to see you at a workshop soon!

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