Motivation: Wendy's Wisdom

To add more JOY to botanical drawing, Wendy recommends the following motivational tips!

Make drawing a habit, and practice every day. Try watching a lesson video from one of our courses or doing an exercise from one of Wendy’s books!

Having a set of basic, important tools reduces complications, lessens your chances of feeling overwhelmed, and helps you enjoy your time drawing with nature. Check out Wendy’s favorite art supplies and get some for yourself in our Shop!

Begin with toning basic shapes before tackling 3D forms in nature to gain confidence in drawing visible light and provide a strong foundation upon which to build your future botanical drawings. Our course, Botanical Basics, provides step-by-step instructions to create value scales, tone bars, and other basic 3D drawing skills.

Enjoy being a beginner! Embrace the JOY of botanical drawing, and let yourself learn without expectations of perfection.

Focusing on one skill at a time decreases feelings of overwhelm and keeps you grounded while learning and improving.

Look at how far you’ve come! Always date your drawing pages so you can look back at your timeline of growth and transformation and enjoy how much you’ve improved so far in your process.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with big paper. Practice with smaller elements first!

Reach out to our expert instructors & supportive, talented community for help and feedback to figure out next steps for your drawing. Become an active subscriber to gain access to our Art Feed and monthly Webinars. If you prefer to receive feedback privately, you can also schedule an individual critique with one of our instructors.

Select subjects from nature that interest you, and you’ll never be bored!

Document plants in your own garden, or focus on a subset of plants that really interests you. Concentrating on aspects you’re most passionate about is the ultimate path to JOY!

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