The Rose Family

The Rose Family


Before I became a botanical illustrator, I was a home furnishing textile designer in New York City, mesmerized by vintage cabbage rose floral fabrics and using them for inspiration in my designs. My dream was to be able to draw and paint florals as detailed as a Redoute print or antique textile design. That desire led me to study botanical illustration!



My Rose Family painting is influenced by these antique fabrics, and the center of the painting will look like one of these old fabrics. But the rose family is so much more than these hybrid roses. Who knew that many of our edible and delicious fruits are in the rose family?

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Plants in the Rose Family share these traits:

     Separate petals in multiples of five
     Five sepals
     Numerous distinctive stamen
     Often fused pistils
     Smelling delicious!
Alternately arranged on stem
     Oval in shape
     Serrated edges
     Sometimes prickles on the stem
     Often edible (and delicious!)

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Rose Plant Family Portrait by Wendy Hollender (Buy it here)


Plants depicted in this Plant Family Portrait:

Quince (Cydonia oblonga)
Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)
Apple (Malus domestica)
Cherry (Prunus avium)
Plum (Prunus domestica)
Almond (Prunus dulcis)
Peach (Prunus persica)
Pear (Pyrus communis)
Carolina Rose (Rosa carolina)
Hybrid Tea Roses (Rosa x hybrida)
Queen Elizabeth – Grandiflora Rose
Julia Child – Floribunda Rose
Miracle on the Hudson
Saltspray Rose (Rosa rugosa)
Blackberry (Rubus alleghenienses)
Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)


My goal with this series of Plant Family Portraits is to deepen people’s awareness of plants and gain an understanding of plant details to help combat “Plant Blindness.” An appreciation for biodiversity is an important part of our wellbeing. May we all delight in nature’s fascinating architecture and colors, appreciate our environment, and how precious it is to protect.

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