Turning Passion into Preservation

How can we, as botanical artists, make a difference in the world?

We can document what is happening outside, right here, right now!

Nature’s only constant is change – what you see outside today could be gone by tomorrow. But drawings last much longer! Botanical illustrations are the perfect way to keep the essence of the season around all year long.  


White Oak Leaf & Acorn by Wendy Hollender, Oct. 2018


Like scientists gathering data, our observations could be useful to the future of humanity. It may not seem so important now, but imagine this, for example – oak trees start to die in your area. Your acorn drawings could be the only evidence left of the magnificence of those oaks. They could even become the key to preserving the whole ecosystem around them!

Read more about why botanical illustration matters.


Like Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our future”!



I had an exciting opportunity to share nature journaling and botanical art techniques with local teens. I delight in sharing the lessons of botanical illustration with anyone and everyone, but there is something uniquely hopeful about teaching future generations, equipping them with knowledge and tools to help them succeed. The stress relieving practice of botanical drawing helps me clear my mind and gives me something positive to focus on, and it is a joy to share it.

My favorite joke from our first session:

How do flowers ride bicycles? They petal!



Our first session was learning about and connecting with the colorful composite flowers blooming in my garden right now – Zinnias, Dahlias, and Jerusalem Artichokes. These teens were not only enthusiastic about drawing, but also quite talented! We have several sessions left, and I can’t wait to see what else they create. 

You can share our Nature Journaling Quick Guide (printed booklet or downloadable PDF) with kids in your life and be impressed by how they combine drawing and nature study. Get started quickly and easily with our Nature Journaling Art Supply Kit!


Mushrooms of NY by Wendy Hollender hanging in Effortless Wooden Frame


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Where do you feel most connected to nature and the world around you? Your local park? A favorite vacation spot? Your garden? “Preserve” that place by drawing the plants and animals you see living there. Share your drawings with others who feel a connection to that place. (We delight in seeing your work on the Art Feed!)

With just paper and pencils, we can turn our passion into preservation. If we don’t, who will?


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