3D Wooden Shapes

Our handmade 3D Wooden Shapes help beginner to master artists work on their depictions of simple geometrical forms, which translate into forms in nature.

Available individually or as a set including a robust storage / shadow box, these 3D Wooden Shapes will make perfect models to show highlights, midtones, and shadows, and help you sharpen your skills for years to come!

Practicing with these simplified geometric forms can help inform your drawing in multiple ways. As Wendy describes in the video above, practicing on these neutral-color forms can help eliminate the complexity of working with color, and allow you to focus simply on the form and how the light source interacts with it. Secondly, because they are 3-dimensional and life-size to real subjects in nature, you can also position the forms as you like to work on perspective drawing and foreshortening. Explore these basic to expert-level drawing concepts in our full-length courses.

About the Craftsman
Craftsman John Perella makes our 3D Wooden Shapes by hand (along with another new product, our Carousel Pencil Holders) at his workshop in the Catskills. Thanks for all you do, John!

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