Bare Necessities for Botanical Drawing

The most basic essentials you’ll need for the Draw Botanical technique are paper and colored pencils. Here are our tried-and-true favorites:

Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

We love everything about these pencils. They hold a really sharp point for fine detail, the pigments are oil-based, so there is no waxy buildup, and the sharpened tips don’t break easily. Polychromos have good lightfast ratings, Their beautiful color choices match colors in nature–especially the greens!

The Polychromos color names and numbers are consistent with the Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils, so it’s easy to match and learn your color mixing. They contain the highest quality pigments for unsurpassed lightfastness, which is rated on each pencil. They have a buttery smooth color laydown and can be easily blended for layered effects, highlights and transitions. Thick 3.8mm leads are break and water-resistant, smudgeproof and provide permanent, rich color. Provides sharp fine lines and excellent point retention.

You can purchase individual colors in our Shop.

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils

These are the best watercolor pencils. They are easy to match colors with Polychromos. They also have good lightfast ratings and beautiful color choices that match colors in nature–especially the greens! They make working in watercolor convenient, no-mess, and easy to use. (Watch this video to learn how Wendy uses her watercolor pencils on Dura-Lar) The pigment in these pencils is comparable to other types of watercolor. They contain the highest quality pigments of unsurpassed lightfastness and brilliance, which is rated on each pencil. Thick 3.8mm break-resistant and fully water-soluble leads, can be easily blended when wet and become permanent when dry for rich watercolor effects.

You can purchase individual colors in our Shop.

Art Supply Kits

Want pencils AND paper? Check out our curated art supply kits, including our (on sale!) Beginner Kit & Botanical Basics Kit, which contain everything you need to get started with drawing realistic botanicals in colored pencils and watercolor. (You also have the option to add a “Kraft Paper Companion” so you can easily experience the same joy that Wendy has found drawing on this hot press, mid-tone, watercolor paper.) You can purchase these kits in our shop.

Legion Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press Paper

We love this paper. White, 140 lb., Acid free, 100% cotton. This paper is smooth, which helps hold the point of the pencil longer. It also works great with watercolor brushes.

Legion Stonehenge Kraft Paper

“Inspired by the industrial look of paper grocery bags. Each earth-toned leaf provides a surface perfect for printmaking, drawing or experimentation.” We recommend adding this pencil duo to your pencil set for Kraft Paper drawing!

Custom Spiral Pads of Legion Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press Paper

Two sizes available. Includes 20 pages of hot press 140lb Stonehenge Aqua watercolor paper. Covers are made from 100% recycled paper and are sturdy. Innovative spiral binding has a removable clasp to add and remove paper. You can also purchase refills of Stonehenge Aqua and refills of Stonehenge Kraft paper! Wondering how to refill? Watch this video.

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