Advantages of Taking a Botanical Illustration Course Online



Nature is our greatest teacher, whether we strive for scientific accuracy as professional botanical illustrators, enjoy creating for the beauty of decoration, or are curious and creative nature admirers who find relaxation in capturing nature’s magnificence.

While many great artists are self-taught, learning from talented teachers of botanical illustration is the best way to advance your skills. While local botanical gardens and art programs offer lovely in-person classes, a growing body of evidence suggests there may be significant advantages (outlined below) to completing a botanical illustration course online.


1. Efficacy of Online Learning



Skeptics may harbor doubts about the efficacy of a course that is delivered entirely online, however, virtually all major colleges and universities now offer some form of online learning.

Most of us can’t imagine learning without paper and pencil, sitting uncomfortably in a classroom surrounded by distracting peers, but now, entire degree programs can be completed without students ever having to set foot inside a traditional classroom. With a pedigree like that, it’s easy to see that online learning can be just as rigorous, effective and engaging as attending an in-studio or on-campus class.


2. Learn How YOU Learn Best


Mountain laurel by Wendy Hollender


At YOUR Pace

Traditional classroom teachers need to teach at a pace that works for most students, and that can leave some learners either behind or bored. Some students are seated too far back to see instructors’ demonstrations in full detail, while others simply cannot concentrate due to environmental distractions.

With our online courses, you follow along at your own pace with hours and hours of rich online drawing demonstration videos. As long as you are subscribed to our course, you can rewatch videos as often as needed to review skills.


Art supplies with radish and turnip by Wendy Hollender


On YOUR Schedule

Internet classes are remarkably flexible, which means that anyone’s schedule can be accommodated. Students may log in and work on their drawing whenever it works for them. Whether that is first thing in the morning or late at night does not matter. The world really does become a classroom with online learning.

Plus, students can take breaks whenever they need to. When schedules get too hectic, just pause your botanical illustration studies until a better time. That’s the kind of flexibility that a traditional class simply can’t offer.


3. Accessibility to Knowledge


Leaves by Wendy Hollender


Many barriers can stand between us and the knowledge we wish to acquire, including uninspiring and intimidating teachers, financial limitations preventing purchases of necessary supplies and educational offerings, physical abilities to travel to a particular location, and more. Learning botanical illustration online offers accessibility to quality instructors, regardless of location, distance, and finances.

Instructor Quality

Online learning provides students with the opportunity to work with the very best botanical illustrators, regardless of where they live. Quality instruction can only come from the most experienced and respected illustrators in the business. When you take an online botanical illustration course, that’s the kind of tutelage you receive. 


Nature journaling page from Transylvania by Wendy Hollender


Physical Location

Botanical illustration is popular around the world. There’s no need for you to relocate to enjoy the experience of learning from one of the best in the business because you can learn online instead!

Even though you may not be in the same city, state, or country as your instructors and classmates, you’ll sacrifice nothing in terms of interaction and engagement. Lively discussions are the norm in these virtual classrooms, and everyone is highly involved in the learning environment. 


Orange demonstration by Pam Thompson


Distance from Demonstrations

It’s hard to fit a whole class of students around one instructor’s table; it’s crowded, and most have trouble seeing over others’ shoulders. With overhead drawing cameras focused closely on our instructors’ drawing tables, every seat is the best seat. 

These videos are remarkably detailed and offer a window into the instructor’s techniques, as if you are sitting right next to the instructor in their studio.

All participants are sure to see the demonstration’s details, and not just once! Recordings can be played as many times as you’d like, so you can always revisit a lesson.


Golden Beet & Iris demonstration by Wendy Hollender



Learning botanical illustration online tends to cost less than in-studio classes, too. Thanks to the simplified, streamlined, video format, there’s little overhead to be paid. This means that students pay less for instruction and get more out of the experience. The affordable price of these classes enables more people to enroll than might otherwise be able to do so. The result is a win for students and instructors.

With all the advantages of flexibility and affordability, it’s easy to see why more people are becoming interested in learning botanical illustration online. Some students initially may feel reluctant about the online learning process, but once they try it*, they discover that it can’t be beat for convenience and value

Additionally, no one can deny the superior quality of the instruction, accessibly delivered by some of the most respected and recognized botanical illustrators in the industry.

*Try your FIRST WEEK FREE when you join The Practice of Botanical Drawing, Botanical Basics, or our Community. Cancel anytime, no hidden fees.


4. Connection


Lemon by Pam Thompson with Art Feed comments


To Others

Teachers are responsive when it comes to questions and concerns, and many long-term friendships have been forged through online classrooms. 

Several methods of communication are possible, making it easy to develop a sense of community and involvement. Post photos of your progress to the Art Feed, and receive positive and helpful feedback from instructors (within 24-48 hours!) Also attend our monthly Webinar to talk more in depth and ask questions about artwork from the community that month. Plus, if you ever have questions, you can always email our friendly staff at info@drawbotanical.com.

Working alongside other students and seeing their work is inspiring and motivating. While this is not a competitive environment (everyone works at their own pace and level), seeing the beautiful work of other aspiring artists can make you want to work harder on your own drawings. 


Nature journaling page from Garden of Lemons by Wendy Hollender


To Nature

Capturing the beauty of the great outdoors from behind a computer screen may seem counterintuitive at first, but our lessons are firmly rooted in nature (pun intended ;)) and center around connecting with your chosen natural subject.

The Practice of Botanical Drawing even has a four-part lesson called Sketchbook of the Seasons where you study a local plant throughout the year and document its seasonal changes.


Wendy drawing in her garden


To Yourself

While some people learn by copying exactly what others are drawing, we encourage you to let nature guide you. Listen to your plant, remember your light source, and get started.

Experience the meditative spiritual practice of botanical art. Chances are that if you’ve read this far, you find joy in botanical drawing. Make time for yourself, and do more of what you love!


Want to learn more?

An online course in botanical drawing may be exactly what you’re looking for. Learn more about the botanical illustration courses we offer here. Learn more about all of our online offerings here.


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