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We have practiced with and believe in everything we sell at Draw Botanical. If it doesn’t work for Wendy, she won’t sell it. Read on for our gift recommendations and why Wendy and the Draw Botanical team have chosen these products over the rest. Have fun and shop around!


NEW Nature Journaling Art Supply Kit

Craving connection with the natural world outside and within yourself? Follow your natural curiosities with Nature Journaling – a flexible artistic and scientific meditation on nature that evokes reverence, care, wonder, and gratitude for our experience of the world in all its magnificence, life, and beauty. Your journal can also become a meaningful record full of loving reflections and joyful memories of time spent in various natural places. But don’t take our word for it – try it and see for yourself what inner feelings and experiences the practice cultivates in you!

EVERYONE can practice Nature Journaling – people of ALL AGES, either individually or with a few friends, family, or community who practice together.

This simple, effective Nature Journaling Art Supply Kit includes everything you need to jumpstart your adventure:

+ Set of 16 Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils
+ Interlon Watercolor Brush #6
+ NEW Quick Guide, Nature Journaling in a Nutshell

To get you started easily, Wendy hand-picked her favorite on-the-go journal and pencils to mix and match any color from nature.



The Practice of Botanical Drawing Online Course

With this active course subscription, you gain access to:

-16 complex lessons (taught in 43 videos, 15+ hours of instruction) from The Practice of Botanical Drawing
-Downloadable PDFs of lessons
-39 shorter beginner lessons from Botanical Basics (so you can review fundamental art skills at any time)
-Interactive Art Feed (where instructors leave helpful comments for quick feedback)
-Monthly Webinar (live meeting on Zoom to learn from everyone’s creations during the past month)
-Your own personal online Portfolio (which you can share with loved ones!)

Try your FIRST WEEK FREE and cancel any time with no hidden fees!

Want to gift this subscription to someone you love? Give a gift certificate!



USB Drive with ALL of our Online Course Content

By popular demand from folks who would prefer not to stream videos over the internet, you can now purchase our entire video program of 16 complex lessons (taught in 44 videos, 15+ hours of instruction) from The Practice of Botanical Drawing AND 39 shorter beginner lessons from Botanical Basics. This is a great way to have access to the program at all times, from anywhere.

BEST DEAL! When you purchase the USB Drive with video lessons, you miss out on helpful feedback from our instructors on the Art Feed and at our monthly Webinars (which you can get separately with our Community subscription). BEFORE DEC. 15, we are offering 2 MONTHS FREE when you purchase the USB Drive and 1 month of our Community subscription.




Can’t decide? Give a gift certificate!

Not sure if your loved one would like a course subscription, a workshop, or individual video lessons? Get them a gift certificate so they can purchase exactly what they want!



Celebrate any occasion with our NEW Plants in Place Note Card Set

Surprise your loved ones with heartfelt sentiments folded inside beautiful note cards. With 7 envelopes (and blank insides), these 7 cards, inspired by Olana, are perfect for any occasion!


Fun for Kids!



Explore & Draw Art Supply Kit

This art supply kit is on SALE for the holidays and now includes Module 1 of our Explore & Draw video series!



A is for Asparagoose: A Plant and Animal ABC

A silly and smart hand-lettered alphabet book with 26 original illustrations of fun-to-say plant + animal hybrids. Giggles guaranteed. Illustrated and hand-lettered by former Draw Botanical instructor, Veronica Fannin.


Spruce up your space with botanical artwork



Wendy Hollender’s Rustic Canvas and Kraft Paper Prints

Many of these are drawn from plants growing at Hollengold Farm in the Hudson Valley. Others are drawn when Wendy is on location in tropical settings. Canvas prints available in three sizes: 8.5″ x 11″, 17″ x 22″, and 24″ x 34″. Mounted on refurbished rustic wood strips. Custom sizes available upon request; email info@drawbotanical.com.


Beautiful books to help you learn to draw and forage


The Joy of Botanical Drawing


Named the best Colored Pencil Drawing book of all time by BookAuthority, this inspiring and easy-to-follow guide covers everything you need to draw our natural world. Create stunningly realistic and vibrant botanical illustrations, from flowers so lifelike you can almost smell them to tomatoes that could have just been picked from your garden.


Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook


Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.


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