Unearth the Perfect Gift

Botanical Art Gift Guide

for the Nature-Lover, Art-Enthusiast in your life

Surprise your loved ones with a gift that expands their love for the beauty of the natural world. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned artist or more of a beginner art-enthusiast, let us guide you toward the perfect present that will elevate their artistic journey, and bring the serenity of nature into their lives.

🎨 Botanical Art Classes 🖌️ 

Cultivate Creativity

Nothing thrives in isolation. Lucky for you, our experienced instructors have been leading Zoom workshops for our growing community of artists to help them cultivate their creativity and improve their botanical drawing skills. Check out our upcoming  live Zoom workshops, or view all available Zoom Workshop Recordings here.

Zoom Drawing Workshop topics include:

🌱 Start Simple: Techniques for Beginners

Learn the building blocks of Draw Botanical Techniques, from sharp pencils to toning to basic color mixing. This is a great class for anyone who is drawing for the first time. 

Use household objects to study simple 3-dimensional shapes to understand and draw light on basic forms (ex. sphere, cylinder, cup, funnel, leaf). Practice by drawing a tomato… Learn more

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🌻 Parts of a Flower: Dissections & Discoveries

Peek inside nature’s window, and explore the mysterious world of flowers, undressed. Learn to dissect these delicate blooms to uncover the mesmerizing secrets to how plants reproduce and create fruiting bodies and seedpods… Learn more 

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View all available Zoom Workshop Recordings here.



🌸 Botanical Art Prints 🌼

Invite the Outdoors Inside

Each of Wendy Hollender’s fine art prints is a love letter to nature, inspired by all the bounty that grows.

Find all of Wendy’s prints for sale here.


🖼️ NEW Plant Family Portraits

A series of larger paintings showcasing the similarities and differences between plants in the same families. (Learn more about plant families here.) 

These Plant Family Portraits are available as giclee fine art prints, printed by Wendy in her studio on acid-free watercolor paper or canvas with archival inks.

Prints available in three sizes: Small 11″ x 15″, Medium 17″ x 22″, and Large 24″ x 32″.

Buy Plant Family Portraits Here


FRAME NOT INCLUDED but can be purchased separately!

We recommend these Effortless Wooden Frames for easy hanging of both paper and canvas prints.


🌿 Can’t decide? Give a Gift Certificate!

Don’t know if your loved one would like a course subscription, a workshop, or individual video lessons? Not sure what size print would look best in their kitchen? With a gift certificate, they can purchase exactly what they want! 

Find Gift Certificates here.


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💌 Heartfelt Holiday Cards

Surprise your loved ones with heartfelt sentiments folded inside beautiful note cards. With 7 envelopes (and blank insides), these 7 cards are perfect for any occasion! 

Find Note Cards here.

Want to make your own botanical holiday cards? Check out our FREE tips on creating compositions here.


✨Tasty Treats

Hand-Crafted Small Batch Pure Vanilla Extract

Indulge your senses in the rich, aromatic embrace of our Hand-Crafted Small Batch Pure Vanilla Extract, created and steeped at Hollengold Farm in the scenic heart of Accord, NY. 

Elevate your culinary creations, gift the essence of pure flavor, and share in the warmth of this artisanal treasure. 

Our Pure Vanilla Extract is a symphony of complex flavors – a dance of sweet and floral notes with hints of creamy caramel. The exquisite depth and purity make it a versatile companion for both sweet and savory culinary creations. From holiday cookies to decadent desserts and savory sauces, let the essence of Hollengold Farm’s vanilla elevate your kitchen creations.

Surprise your loved ones with a gift that transcends the ordinary. Packaged in an elegant 4 oz bottle with a unique label (illustrated and designed by renowned botanical artist, Wendy Hollender), our Pure Vanilla Extract makes for a thoughtful and sophisticated holiday present. It’s the ideal gift for bakers, chefs, or anyone who cherishes the taste of pure vanilla in their creations.

Get Vanilla here.

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