Practice Makes Progress

If you learned to ride a bike, you most likely didn’t learn it all at once. You probably learned by riding your bike over and over and over.  In the beginning, you may have struggled to maintain balance and survived a few falls along the way, but after getting back on your bike again and again, you were ultimately able to ride! You may not have *perfected* bike riding; you may not have entered bike riding competitions, but for the most part, your practice gave you the ability to stay upright while in motion and ride around with your friends. 

Drawing is just like riding a bike; you can’t learn it all at once! In the beginning, you may struggle with getting curves just right, conveying 3D form, and matching color, but with practice, you can do it! By starting small, learning one skill at a time, and letting nature guide your work, you will look back on your initial sketches and see how far you’ve come! Our goal is not to *perfect* drawing, but to help you build your drawing skills while enjoying the process. “We may never accomplish the feats that so many legends of the arts have done, but we do aspire to achieve our own feats of greatness by maximizing our potential.

The best way to improve your drawing technique is to practice! Though practice may not make *perfect,* it will definitely make progress. “Practice is not the same as mechanic memorization or learning through memorization or association. It is different to repeat something in our minds in order to remember than to actively do it. When doing repeated practice or training, learning is more permanent and consistent.” Practice is repeated learning opportunities, and each time you practice a movement, you get more and more precise.

We all make mistakes. However, if we practice making those same mistakes over and over, we can’t improve. Receiving helpful feedback is key to ensuring that you don’t practice those mistakes, which is why we offer multiple options for you to get suggestions on your individual drawings. At live workshops, monthly webinars, and on our Art Feed, our expert instructors provide positive feedback on your drawings with tips to help you going forward. 

Keep going, and try to draw a little bit each day. Nobody has ever gotten worse with practice!

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