The Tulip Family


The Tulip Family

Tulipa, sub family of Liliacea


Wendy’s mom in front of her tulip garden


Tulips have always reminded me of my mom because she was so proud of the tulips growing in her garden each year. 



I almost titled my first book How to Draw a Tulip (instead of Botanical Drawing: A Beginner’s Guide) because I realized that if you could learn to draw a tulip, you could learn to draw anything!

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During the height of tulip season, I strolled through Keukenhof, one of the largest nurseries for tulips in Holland, and my jaw couldn’t help but hang open in awe, gawking at the many amazing varieties in bloom. When I learned that I could select specific tulip species to have shipped to my farm, I knew I had to hold a spring workshop. I selected specific tulip species to have shipped to my farm and had some help planting 400 bulbs of many varieties of parrot tulips, unusual varieties of tulips, as well as classic tulips. Who could resist drawing them all?!

Copperplate engravings by Basilius Besler (1561–1629) from The Besler Florilegium inspired the layout of this Tulip Family composition.

Plants in the Tulip Family share these traits:

     2-3 thick bluish green leaves at the base of the plant
     3 petals and 3 sepals collectively known as tepals
     6 stamens
     3-lobed ovary terminated by a sessile 3-lobed stigma

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Tulip Plant Family Portrait by Wendy Hollender (Buy it here)


Plants depicted in this Plant Family Portrait:

Species Tulip – Peppermint Stick
Tulip – Apricot Parrot
Tulip – Black Parrot
Tulip – Flaming Parrot
Tulip – Giant Orange Sunrise
Tulip – Pretty Princess
Tulip – Rem’s Favourite


My goal with this series of Plant Family Portraits is to deepen people’s awareness of plants and gain an understanding of plant details to help combat “Plant Blindness.” An appreciation for biodiversity is an important part of our wellbeing. May we all delight in nature’s fascinating architecture and colors, appreciate our environment, and how precious it is to protect.

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