Celebrate Your Progress

“Actively recognizing progress towards your goal will ultimately end up inspiring you and have you pushing even harder.” – Denzel J. Wellington


When we look at our own artwork, it can be hard to quiet our inner critics and easy to get caught up in chasing perfection and comparing ourselves to others. While admiring expert artistry can be inspiring, it can also be discouraging with thoughts like, “They’re way better than I am,” “I could never be that good,” and “Why should I even bother trying?”

Those negative voices are doing their best to help us grow by pointing out specific ways in which we could improve in the future. Thank your hard-working inner critics for their input… and then tell them to sit down and shut up!


Squash by Wendy Hollender


Toot Your Own Horn

No one likes an artist who endlessly boasts and brags, but sometimes (especially when you’re feeling doubt about your artistic skills) you have to toot your own horn! 

Let pride step up to the mic, and listen to their compliments. “Wow, I drew that?!” “I love the movement of that petal!” “My drawing really shows how that plant grows!” Celebrating personal growth is a powerful tool to motivate and inspire ourselves to keep creating. 


Sunflower by Wendy Hollender


Really revel in this moment, and be proud of yourself for creating something (regardless of how you perceive and judge the quality of your work) that shares a piece of you with everyone. Creating brightens not only your life, but also the larger world. (For more on brightening the world with your creations, check out this blog post.)

Take the time to pat yourself on the back for each milestone you reach along the way. Finished a piece you’re proud of? Treat yourself to a small celebration, whether it’s enjoying a favorite meal or taking a day off to relax. Acknowledging and rewarding your achievements, no matter how big or small, will help you stay motivated and energized to continue creating.


Nightshades by Wendy Hollender


Share Your Progress

Take a look at the drawings you did last week, last month, and last year. Admire how far you’ve come! Seeing how much you’ve improved can be incredibly motivating and help you push through any creative blocks.

Don’t be afraid to share your progress with others! Join any of our subscription programs (Botanical Basics, Practice of Botanical Drawing, or Community) for access to the Art Feed, your own virtual portfolio, and our live monthly Webinars where we celebrate everyone’s work each month. Not only will this allow you to receive valuable feedback and encouragement from fellow artists, but it will also serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come when you scroll through your portfolio.


Pears by Erin Russek


Surround yourself with a supportive and like-minded community. Connecting with other artists who share your passion can be incredibly inspiring. Sharing experiences, techniques, and struggles with others who understand your journey will not only boost your confidence, but also push you to keep striving for personal growth.

Let’s make a pact to celebrate our personal artistic progress. Remember that every step forward is worth celebrating – it’s a testament to your dedication, hard work, and creativity. Let your progress motivate and inspire you to keep creating, because the world needs the unique art that only you can bring to life.

Keep creating, keep growing, and keep celebrating!


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