• Botanical Basics

    39 Lessonsin
    • Botanical Basics - $35.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

    A series of instructional meditations designed to build confidence in your core drawing skills, increase your set of techniques and encourage a relaxed time to create, plus access to our motivational community.

  • The Practice of Botanical Drawing

    88 Lessonsin
    • The Practice of Botanical Drawing Complete Course - From: $50.00 / month with 1 week free trial

    Step-by-step guidance for using colored pencil and watercolor pencil; nature’s seasonal forms, patterns and colors are all covered, plus access to our motivational community and the Botanical Basics library.

  • Getting Started With Botanical Drawing

    4 Lessons
      botanical illustration art drawing basic getting started wendy hollender pencil

      Botanical Drawing basic techniques, art supplies, light source set up. Video shows the art supplies for working in colored pencil and watercolor pencil and demonstrates techniques. Purchase the Art Supply Kit: Beginner or Art Supply Kit: Traveler and receive a coupon to access this course for FREE!

    • Drawing an Apple in Color

      1 Lesson

        Follow along with Wendy and draw a group of apples on a stem with colored pencil and watercolor.

      • A Sketchbook of the Seasons Lessons only

        8 Lessonsin

          A Sketchbook of the Seasons. For a one-time fee of $75, get lifetime access to the Sketchbook of the Seasons Lessons. This year-long Challenge prompts students to track a tree or woody shrub of their choice through all its stages for a year. The final product will be a “Sketchbook of the Seasons,” with color … Continued

        • Near and Far Scale Lessons Only

          7 Lessonsin

            Near and Far: Scale Variation in Botanical Illustration. For a one-time fee of $75, get lifetime access to the Near and Far Lessons. This drawing Challenge prompts students to study a plant and practice drawing it at several scales, from a landscape in the distance to magnified details. This Lesson is taken from the larger … Continued